Tuesday, March 10, 2009

two a like

flipping through my Communication Arts magazine fresh from the mailbox. never fails to keep my attention but this time i came across an illustrator from Italy-Noumeda Carbone. this girl captures my imagination better than anyone else and i think i can safely say that this is what i always picture creating: constant form of simple lines, full of everyday detail and texture building up on each other to make a whole.

im excited for what God has planned for me.

now where'd my pencil go....

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  1. I checked out some of Noumeda's work online, it is really good. You're right even though it is so simple, the pictures just capture your imagination. It is just the right amount of visual stimulation.

    Oh by the way I don't have HBO either I just bought the DVDs of that show, if you liked it you can borrow them. It is only an 8 part series. And I still have your Holga lens cap from Halloween.