Thursday, July 30, 2009

Henry Hadlow

ok so my sister sent me this link to a blog which led me to find this great new graphic designer. and let me just say i fell in LOOOVE with this guys work. just looking at these three picture made me feel happy allover. im easily amused with graphic design and this guy is one of the many that really catches my eye. pure genius


i miss Italy more and more everyday. the landscapes, the food, the architecture, the smells, the language, the music, the paintings, the villas, the fashion, the weather, and yes even the gypsies! i know one day i will be back there and next time it wont be just 9 days. i would love it if i could study abroad there, it would be such an ideal place for an art career. painting on the bridges of Florence and Venice working in an art studio and learning to speak italian. ahhh i cant wait...i cant WAIT.

dio mi paziente.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Title Magazine

(Title Magazine is a bimonthly online publication that collaborates with writers and artists to bring readers a collection of works that focuses on leading individuals and appealing topics in the art/design, music, and fashion culture) And it happens to be run by my younger sisters good friend. Issue No. 3 is due to be out the end of this month. I also helped contribute by writing an article for the artist Erin Morrison [] whoopee for me! After finishing that article i realized that i can really get into writing when its on a subject i love. While i wait to see what else happens, support Title Magazine fellow bloggers!