Wednesday, September 30, 2009

so many movies i'm looking forward to seeing, im just waiting for some money!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

sat on a mountain of vintage happiness

i had the most amazing thrifting experience yesterday. one of my good friends lives in long beach and knows alot of good vintage places around her place. so we went walking down one street trying to find some good deals. and she mentions that every last saturday some shop has a pile sale every last saturday of the month. lo and behold, it was the last saturday of september! it was La Bomba in downtown long beach. we walked to the back of the store where they keep this sacred pile and i find myself staring at 18ft wide 11ft high pile of vintage treasures! so the three of us climbed to the top of it, made ourselves comfortable, and dug through that beautiful mess for a good hour. unfortunately we didn't have enough time and endurance to stay up on there, it was getting way too warm by the way. by i walked away so proud of my bargains: two dresses and a skirt, all for TEN DOLLARS. ahh so happy after that, lovely day.

this was the pile, but this was not me.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Richard Avedon

i went to san diego last weekend to the SD museum of art. my friend told me about a photographer Richard Avedon and of course i said i'd go even thought i've never heard of him. turns out i ended up reallyloving his work. most of his portraits are subjects of political stature but they're pretty stunning in my case. the photos here are way too small to real take in everything. in person the pictures are 20 times bigger and so much more enjoyable.

i didn't see these photos in person, but i looked up his work and found my favorites

the rest of the photographs are my favorites out of the ones i saw at the exhibit

Friday, September 4, 2009


i got my urban outfitters catalog this morning. and i found these awesome booties! i went online to check it out more. and now i don't know which color i like better. the one on the left is the first i saw, theyre so cooool and i love the funky print. they reminded me of Klaxons. mainly something that Simon Taylor-Davis would wear. but the navy ones are adorable too.

Ecote lace up booties

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sappy much?

most of the time i don't know who these PostSecrets are really directed to. but i always like to pick out a few that i really love.

Sketch Book 001

i do alot of doodles in between actual artwork im doing. so i decided i wanna post more of them. i mean they'll just be sitting in my sketchbook for no one to see. so i thought to show more of what im doing. if anyones interested.
i gave it a little touch by adding some green in with photoshop.
some sketches from learning about animation.