Sunday, December 13, 2009

leave of absence

finals are here. and for me that meant 5 projects piled on top of me. ive been nonstop going back and forth between them: painting, drawing, photoshoping, coloring, researching. sheesh. but i like being productive. even though im not used to not going out on the weekends, i like the fact thats its keeping me busy, and entertained at the same time. i guess i can say all this art stuff is just preparing me for future jobs. i dont know how some people do it. go to work everyday knowing you wont be doing something you love and that youre passionate about. i wouldnt let myself be in that position, much too sad and waste of something good i have going for myself. anyways. ive been off blogger for awhile. and im posting this to say ill be gone from here even longer. just until i figure out some design work. ive been meaning to make some time to try and redesign this blog of mine. i get tired of its simplicity. only thing that gets in the way is all this coding and html junk, eghh. ill get past it. until then. ciao.

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