Tuesday, February 17, 2009

right as rain

I don't know how Jesus did it. Being so forgiving no matter what, all the time. I try so hard to follow his example but i swear im being tested all the time. I don't find it hard to be forgiving, that hasn't been a problem. Except for that one person. That one man who i just can't seem to completely forgive. I could care less sometimes about all the favors he does. He can never make up what immature and childish acts he's done and im definitely not the only one who trusts this assertion. It's beginning to feel like a huge weight. My mind is ru n n in g everywhere it shouldn't.

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  1. i clicked next blog curious to see more about this place and saw your cool blogs. i noticed your pretty interested in God...and so am i. thought i'd add you and compliment yer blogs now and then haha. their pretty cool and interesting. really. i have soo much appreciation for all arts.